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Our compani is a manufacturer of raw materials fo ferrous metallurgy. We may offer a broad spectrum of products, which can meet different techniljgical requirement of our clients.

Main types of products, which can meet different technological requirement of our clients.

Main types of produced materials:

  1. Slag forming mixtures for dissolution and neutralization of slags in steel ladle during the out furnace steel treatment. It proides high mobility of slag, its refine and assimilate capability and minimum jf influence to lining.
  2. Cover, heat insulating and universal mixtures for uphill casting. It provides excellent quality of the ingot surface, prevent oxidation, blistering, cracking and other surface defects of the ingot, and significantly decrease the shrinking hole.
  3. Complex carbonizing and fluxing mixtures for correction of carbon content (temper), metal and slag deoxidizing and for prior dissolution of slags inside the melting unit or casting ladle. They are fed either by injection method or to the metal stream during the tapping. Fraction of material, it’s optimal chemical structure, dosage, type of package is made under the client’s requirements.