Carbon material for grounding

Carbon material for grounding

Carbon material for grounding (UMZ-2.2) (ICM-2.2)

It is used to reduce the spreading resistance of the potentials of lightning-protective and functional-working ground loops, which is a product of the processing of carbon materials based on coke breeze and is intended for use as a backfill of grounding devices of ground loops.

Characteristics of carbon material for grounding (UMZ-2.2) (ICM-2.2):

Material Content, wt.%
C, no less than Ash, no more than S, no more than Moisture, no more than
UMZ-2.2 57 33 1.0 8.5

The average electrical resistivity for the material corresponds to 2.2-2.8 Ohm / m. Lower resistance values ​​are possible, it is applied at the request of the customer


Fraction – up to 40 mm or as agreed

The effect of using carbon material

Due to the larger fraction of UMZ, in comparison with other grounding materials, the service life of the material increases and strength grows, which is especially important for use in construction projects for special purposes.


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