Carbon material

egf     Carbon material (HRS103)

High-carbon material for carbonization of cast iron and steel (fraction is 0-500 mm as agreed)

Composition, %:

S < 1.5 %,

C > 90%.


  1. Carbonization of cast iron and steel.
  2. As a fuel in shaft furnace and cupola during smelting of iron and producing of mineral wool.
  3. Partial displacement of coke in shaft furnace and cupola.

Delivery methods:

  1. To charging of furnace in smelting set.
  2. To metal jet during metal tapping from furnace to steel-teeming ladle.
  3. Partial displacement of coke in shaft furnaces and cupolas.

Economic benefit:

  1. Economy or complete refusal of iron in furnace charging.
  2. Deoxidizing and carbonization of the metal during delivery to jet, high percent of carbon assimilation to metal.
  3. 50% economy of foundry coke in shaft furnace or cupola with a flame more than 1600оС. Provides good run of furnace by high heat resistant and low ash content.