Low silicon ferrosilicon

Low Silicon Ferrosilicon (10-12% Si)

LSF is a complex deoxidizer and has the following advantages in comparison with standard ferroalloys (FeSi 45, SiMn 17):

  1. Deep deoxidation. The deoxidizing agent acts throughout the volume of the metal in the depth of the bath, which allows to achieve the following effects:

– boiling stops almost immediately, carbon stabilizes;

– Mn burning is reduced, which is important for steels containing Mn;

– due to the mixing of the bath, non-metallic inclusions are better removed.

  1. Comparison with FeSi 45. From our experience of deoxidation, one part of FeSi 45 and 1.8 parts of LSF can be compared, that is, LSF works as FeSi 20-25.
  2. Safety.

The material is not stolen, as it is non-standard. It is only necessary to warn the nearby scrap receivers.

  1. Additional, free iron in the heat. In comparison with 1tn. we get FeSi 45 per 1tn. more iron. (1tn. FeSi 45 = 1.8tn. LSF).

In addition, it must be said that LSF was actively used in the open-hearth production in the 1990-2000s throughout Russia. (Our company sold up to 10 cars per month).

Chemical composition, mass. %
Fe Si Al2O3 TiO2 C S P
83,0-85,0 10,0-12,0 1,0-3,0  3,0 max 2,0 max  0,3 max 0,1 max


Fraction from 0 to 500 mm as agreed.

Delivery in bulk (railway, car) or packaging as agreed


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