ATR series aluminothermic deoxidizers

ATR series aluminothermic deoxidizers

This material, produced on the basis of secondary products of the aluminum industry and mineral raw materials, is intended for diffusion deoxidation of steel (reduction of slag oxidation), in the process of ladle processing (out-of-furnace refining) of metal. At the same time, the cost of the main active material (aluminum) is significantly lower than that formed on the market, including secondary market.

The mixture shall comply with the requirements and standard values specified in the Table:

Mixture grade Content, %
Al Al2O3 Si SiO2 Compounds of K, Na (oxides, etc.) Moisture, no more than
ATR-20.1 60.0 max 20.0 min 0-5 10.0 max 5.0 max 3.0
ATR-20.2 50.0 max 20.0 min 0-5 20.0 max 10.0 max 3.0
ATR-20.3 30.0 max 20.0 min 0-5 30.0 max 20.0 max 3.0

Bulk weight (unrammed) 1,200 – 1,800 kg/m3


Fraction as agreed with the customer from 0 to 100 mm.

Ways of submission:

1) In polypropylene bags in a steel pouring ladle after an out-of-furnace treatment unit or in a bucket, bypassing out-of-furnace processing units.

The consumption of the mixture is 1-2 kg / ton of metal.


The economic effect of the use of mixtures:

  1. Effective diffusion deoxidation of the metal.
  2. The effect of liquefaction of furnace slag.
  3. Effective desulfurization of steel and cast iron.
  4. The price of this deoxidant is much lower than the market and even in the secondary market
  5. Effective interaction with slag and metal.
  6. Does not affect the lining of buckets.

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