Slag-forming mixtures

bgu   This material is intended for dilution of slag in casting ladle during out-of-furnace processing in a ladle furnace installation.

Material shapes:

-briquettes 30-100 mm (fraction is under discussion)

-powder, in PP bags 10-20 kg.

Composition, %:

Al2O3                       60 – 80;

СаО, not more                 20;


Provides high slag fluidity, its refining and assimilative capability.

Delivery method:

Usually is delivered to the jet during the metal tapping from furnace to ladle, or delivered with lime and other additives after filling the ladle.

Economic benefit:

  1. Metal desulphurization process speed increases by high slag activity.
  2. Avoidance of using fluor-spar.
  3. Decrease of negative impact on refractory lining.
  4. There are best conditions for diffusion metal deoxidizing through slag in a ladle-furnace installation.