Ash-Graphite mixture

Ash-Graphite mixture

Ash-graphite mixture used in metal casting to protect liquid metal surface in the molds, intermediate ladles.

The mixture shall comply with the requirements and standard values specified in the Table:

Mixture grade Content, %
C CaO SiO2 Moisture, no more than
ZGS-20 14-20 17-37 17-37 1.0
ZGS-10 8-12 20-40 20-40 1.0
ZGS-8 7-9 17-37 25-45 1.0

Bulk weight (unrammed): 600-800, kg/m3


The economic effect of the use of mixtures:

  1. Improving the quality of the ingot.
  2. Cost reduction for subsequent processing of the ingot.


The mixture shall be packed in marked polypropylene bags (or paper bags with a waterproof layer) by 1-10 kg (bag weight shall be agreed upon with the customer) and placed into marked soft containers of the big bag type.


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