Thermal insulating mixture

pgs    Thermal insulating mixture (SGM 107)
This material is intended for protection of metal surface from secondary corrosion in moulds; for providing high quality surface of ingot without defects and blisters; for thermal insulation of sinkhead during the crystallization process; for providing absence of clowhole and defects.
Composition (vary according to conditions of application), %:
СаО 8 – 30
SiO2 25 – 45
Al2O3 5 – 20
C 4 – 32
Doesn’t consist pearlite and toxic volatile components.
Delivery method:
In PP bags, to the mould bottom before casting starts (in case of siphon casting)
When casting big details with big sinkhead, it’s delivered in a bag to the feeder before casting starts or when metal comes up.
Consumption of mixture during casting is 1-2 kg/ ton of metal.
Economic benefit:
1. Decrease of defective goods in shink defects of ingots.
2. Opportunity to decrease ingot clippings by decreasing sinkhead volume.
3. Avoidance of the entrance of non-metal inclusions and forming of blowholes in the head part of ingot.