Thermal insulation mixture US-25

Thermal insulation mixture US-25

Thermal insulation mixture (US-25) used in metal casting, intended to reduce heat loss, made on the basis of ash formed as a result of high-temperature burning of agricultural waste.

The mixture shall comply with the requirements and standard values specified in the Table:

Mixture grade Content, %
C CaO SiO­2 Al2O3
US-25 10-20 1-6 47-57 9-14

Bulk weight (unrammed): 400-750, kg/m3


The economic effect of the use of mixtures:

  1. Reducing the consumption of metal on the profitable part of the ingot.
  2. Improving the yield of steel.
  3. Reduction of shrinkage defects, macrostructure defects and ingot surface.
  4. Partial assimilation of non-metallic inclusions.
  5. Reliable protection against secondary oxidation and the ingress of nitrogen into the metal.The mixture shall be packed in marked polypropylene bags (or paper bags with a waterproof layer) by 5-10 kg (bag weight shall be agreed upon with the customer) and placed into marked soft containers of the big bag type.

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