Universal heat-insulating mixture UNITERM Series

Universal heat-insulating mixture UNITERM Series

Heat-insulating mixtures used in metal casting, intended for protection of liquid metal surface and/or creation of heat-insulating layer in the molds, intermediate and steel-pouring ladles, made on the basis of ash formed by burning rough coal.

The mixture shall comply with the requirements and standard values specified in the Table:

Mixture grade Content, %
C CaO SiO2 Moisture, no more than
Uniterm-15 17-22 5-20 20-40 0.5
Uniterm-20 20-25 5-20 20-40 0.5
Uniterm-25 22-27 5-20 20-40 0.5

Bulk weight (unrammed): 600-800, kg/m3

Melting point of the mixture: 1230-1280 ° C.

The mixtures specifications (carbon content, basicity, etc.) can be adjusted upon agreement with the consumer.


The economic effect of the use of insulating mixtures:

  1. Reduction of marriage due to shrinkage defects of the ingot.
  2. The ability to reduce the trim of ingots and castings by reducing the volume of the profitable part.
  3. The exclusion of non-metallic inclusions and the formation of gas bubbles in the head of the ingot.
  4. The possibility of using a universal mixture, instead of working on two mixtures.

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